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Public Awareness Campaigns

We market state-wide prevention campaigns county wide in order to educate local residents on best practices. 

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Sticker Shock

In-your-face Prevention 

The Sticker Shock Campaign is a project where the community, youth and alcohol retailers all work together to combat minors getting access to alcohol. Data from local Youth Risk Behavior Surveys show that minors obtain alcohol from sources that are of legal drinking age. Christa, UW-Madison Extension Educator and HCHY Member, worked with Montello High School students, Montello police chief, and Montello Dean of Students to design, get approval, and place approximately 400 stickers at all retail locations in the city that sell alcohol the week of prom.

Small Talks Wisconsin

Underage Drinking Prevention 

Small talks is a public information campaign to encourage parents to have small talks with their children and teens about alcohol and other drugs prevention. Our local effort has been to get the Fast Facts and Talking Tips info sheets to as many parents as possible through schools, churches, libraries, newspapers, and social media posts.

Tips and Tools

Dose of Reality 

Prescription Painkiller Abuse Prevention, Education, and Awareness

 This is a statewide call-to-action aimed at preventing Wisconsin residents from abusing and becoming addicted to prescription opioids (or narcotics). Our local response has been to use Alliance for Wisconsin Youth funding and outreach resources to purchase billboards, Facebook posts and ads, and newspaper ads.

Tips and Tools

Join us! 

Volunteer Your Time

How can you help?
- Spread the word about local prevention efforts. 
- Distribute media like yard signs to friends, family members, neighbors.

Make a Donation

Creating and distributing information to the public takes a fair amount of funds, whether that's for billboards or paid advertising online. Help us today by donating!

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