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Local Alcohol Policy Work

A combination of Local, State and Federal laws help shape the role alcohol plays in our communities, including how we:

  • Manufacture and sell alcohol

  • Decide who can drink alcohol

  • Prevent and respond to alcohol-related problems

Wisconsin is a “local control” state, meaning that our local governments control alcohol policy development and enforcement.

Marquette County HCHY works to educate our local municipal leaders about policies and enforcement that are proven to help to reduce youth access to alcohol. HCHY advocates for policies that are widely considered as best practices.


Join us! 

Volunteer Your Time

If you are interested in..

-learning how local alcohol policies and enforcement affect young people’s health and well-being.

-working with the committee to approach municipal leaders about alcohol controls.

-helping research issues and develop talking points.

-writing articles for local newspaper and social media.

Then get in touch with us :) 

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