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Tips & Tools for Parents

Dose of Reality

Parent Talking Points

 Are you not sure what information is correct or what to cover when you talk with your children? These talking points will help!

Tips for Talking with Your Child About Drugs and Alcohol

How parents talk with children makes a huge difference in whether or not children hear and respond well. These tips will help a lot!

Parenting to Prevent Childhood Alcohol Use

Parents make a positive difference in their children’s lives by understanding more about parenting styles, genetics, modeling and communication. Great insights and tips!

 Free Gun, Medication, and Refrigerator Locks for Your Home

FREE locks to residents of Marquette County – call 608-297-3135. Each lock has $15-25 value but is free to you. You can help prevent unexpected problems or disasters. Use special locks for guns, prescription medication, and beer, wine or liquor can stop easy access by children, teens, neighbors, friends and strangers.

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Hidden In Plain Sight Tools

Tools and Information for parents of teens and pre-teens.

HIPS - Virtual Teen Bedroom

23 minutes. Marquette County’s own Lauren, Melissa, Megan and John show you what to look for (and hidden places) in your teen’s bedroom that point to possible drug use. Feedback from parents is overwhelmingly positive.

Small Talks

Having small, casual conversations with kids, starting around age 8, can help prevent underage drinking.

Fast Facts

3 fast facts to help any kid understand the consequences of underage drinking.

Talk Tips

 Want a successful small talk with your kid? Here’s how!

Marquette County Parent Information Exchange (PIE)

 Exchange tips and ideas. Ask a question. Find support. Get resources and information about family activities. Learn or teach a skill. Meet other parents. Enjoy. Catch an opportunity. Share something you know. Grow.


Parent Cafe Series (3 session)

Parent Cafes are a fulfilling way to talk, listen and support each other with the stressors, worries and challenges of parenting that many have struggled with alone.

They are unique in that every parent’s voice is heard.

They support parents in building friendships and a strong network of families who help each other stay strong.

They involve small group conversations are based on the Five Protective Factors and facilitated by a parent host.

Contact: Hannah Zellmer (608) 297-3139 or

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