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Coalition meetings are usually held the second Wednesday of every other month from 2:30-4:00pm at the Marquette County Services Center at 480 Underwood Avenue, Montello. Everyone is welcome. We may meet more often - email or call Sue Allen or 608-297-3139.

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Looking for an agency in our area that provides services for Alcohol and other Drug Abuse?

Marquette County and surrounding communities in other counties are home to many agencies that provide services for alcohol and other drug abuse. Learn more

Social Norms Campaign

The goal of the project is to correct misperceptions regarding alcohol and other drug use. It is important for students to know the truth.

The truth is here.

When surveyed, most students greatly overestimated alcohol and drug use by their peers. This misperception is believed to influence students to change their perceptions of normative expectations (social norms) around drinking and using other drugs. In other words, students may feel pressured to drink because they believe that "everyone else is doing it." To counteract these misperceptions, posters of the images featured at right are currently hung in every classroom in the middle schools and high schools in Westfield and Montello.

Campaign Activities

  • Student leaders and the Health Department work together to do lunch room quizzes. They ask other students questions about the social norms posters so they can determine if the students are looking at them or reading them, and what the students are remembering about them.
  • The student leaders also randomly check classrooms to see if the posters are still hanging up and visible.
Social Norm

Social Norm, Social Norms Campaign mascot (click image to zoom).