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Coalition meetings are usually held the second Wednesday of every other month from 2:30-4:00pm at the Marquette County Services Center at 480 Underwood Avenue, Montello. Everyone is welcome. We may meet more often - email or call Sue Allen or 608-297-3139.

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Looking for an agency in our area that provides services for Alcohol and other Drug Abuse?

Marquette County and surrounding communities in other counties are home to many agencies that provide services for alcohol and other drug abuse. Learn more

Drug Free Communities

Marquette County HCHY received federal Drug Free Communities Support Program (DFC) funds from 2006-2016.  DFC that provides funding to community-based coalitions that organize to prevent youth substance use. It is directed by the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy, in partnership with the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). The twin goals of the Drug Free Communities grants are to strengthen local anti-drug collaborations and reduce substance abuse among youth and, indirectly, substance abuse among adults.

The DFC program provides five year grants to community coalitions that facilitate youth and adult participation at the community level in local youth drug prevention efforts. Grants awarded through the DFC program are intended to support established community-based coalitions capable of effecting community-level change. Coalitions are comprised of community leaders, parents, youth, teachers, religious and fraternal organizations, health care and business professionals, law enforcement, and the media.

Coalitions receiving DFC funds are expected to work with leaders within their communities to identify and address local youth substance use problems and create sustainable community-level change through environmental strategies. Healthy Communities Healthy Youth has been the recipient of a federal Drug Free Communities (DFC) grant since 2005.

Monies from the DFC grant program allowed the HCHY coalition to provide programming and prevention initiatives throughout Marquette County. For further information on the DFC grant program go to




Data shows that communities receiving DFC funding have seen significant reductions in use of alcohol, tobacco, and marijuana among middle and high school students.