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Coalition meetings are usually held the second Wednesday of every other month from 2:30-4:00pm at the Marquette County Services Center at 480 Underwood Avenue, Montello. Everyone is welcome. We may meet more often - email or call Sue Allen or 608-297-3139.

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Looking for an agency in our area that provides services for Alcohol and other Drug Abuse?

Marquette County and surrounding communities in other counties are home to many agencies that provide services for alcohol and other drug abuse. Learn more

Alcohol Compliance Checks

A compliance check is a tool used to identify alcohol establishments that sell alcohol to underage youth. Compliance checks are used for two purposes:

  1. To identify, warn, and educate establishments that serve or sell alcohol to underage persons.
  2. To enforce state laws, local ordinances, or both, which are related to those illegal sales.

HCHY Coalition has developed a comprehensive compliance check program that identifies infractions of state law as well as training opportunities. Funding for the Marquette County compliance check program comes from the County of Marquette and donations from Montello Rotary Club.

If you have any questions or comments about Alcohol Compliance Checks, please contact Detective Scott Johnston at the Marquette County Sheriff’s Department (608) 297-2115,