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Coalition meetings are held the second Wednesday of every month from 4:00 to 5:30 at the Marquette County Services Center at 480 Underwood Avenue in Montello. Everyone is welcome.

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Looking for an agency in our area that provides services for Alcohol and other Drug Abuse?

Marquette County and surrounding communities in other counties are home to many agencies that provide services for alcohol and other drug abuse. Learn more

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To improve lifestyle choices and options in Marquette County through positive cultural and environmental changes.


Marquette County is a place where the community members are increasingly involved, healthy and successful.

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Beverage Server Training Class to be offered

There will be a TIPS (Training and Intervention Procedures for Servers of Alcohol) class held on Saturday, April 30th from 9:00am-1:00pm at the Human Services Building Room 205 in Montello.

In Wisconsin, the law mandates server and seller training for both on and off premise, licensed establishments. TIPS is a skills-based training program designed to prevent intoxication, underage drinking and drunk driving. TIPS is an approved beverage server training class in the state of Wisconsin.

The cost is free for residents of Marquette county. For all other counties it is $25. The fee includes a manual and three-year State of Wisconsin approved certification.

To register online go to, or call or email Sandy Vogel at 608-369-3095 or

Smoking Cessation class to be held

The Marquette County Health Department will be offering smoking cessation classes in early February in coordination with CHN/ThedaCare. The 8-session/7-week classes will begin in early 2016. The cost will be $30. The classes will be led by Marquette County Health Educator Lauren Calnin, who is a trained smoking cessation facilitator. For more information on the classes, please contact the Marquette County Health Department at 608-297-3135.

Treatment Court gets boost in Marquette County

 Several years ago Marquette County became part of a nationwide trend to offer evidence-based Treatment Court as an alternative to traditional sentencing for individuals whose addiction to drugs and alcohol were leading them down the wrong path with criminal activity. Evidence shows that many offenders who go through the traditional court system fall back into their old ways after being released. The goal of the program is to break the drug and alcohol addiction cycle that many have a hard time escaping.

Not every offender qualifies for Treatment Court. The program targets those who have a high risk of reoffending, but who show the potential to be rehabilitated. The offender has to complete an extensive program that can include drug tests, alcohol sensing bracelets, and community service. While the program does not require employment, it does provide assistance for gaining employment. A grant the county received this past year has brought more resources to the program.

Now an entire team, led by Treatment Court Coordinator Sheila Runge, performs a criminogenic evaluation on each candidate for the program and makes a recommendation for treatment. Those currently directly servicing the individuals are Marquette County Circuit Court Judge Ben Bult, District Attorney Chad Hendee, Attorney Mark Gumz (State Public Defender), Detective Scott Johnston, Sheriff Kim Gaffney, Community Corrections Agent Andrea Sawall and Supervisor Matt Stake, AODA Treatment provider Tiffany Schmit, Clinical Services Supervisor Jim Webb, Mental Health provider Wayne Koepke and Runge. The candidate also has to agree to be a participant in the program. 

According to District Attorney Chad Hendee, “The idea of the program is to make someone a successful member of society. We have to decide what the best way is to get them there.” While some are resistant to participating in treatment court at first, “after awhile you see the light bulb go on and they get it. That is rewarding and makes you feel hopeful.”

There are many goals set for those in the program. “Sometimes the public perceives the offender as getting off or getting away with something.” Hendee went on to explain, “There is a lot of work involved in successfully completing treatment court. It is almost like a full-time job.”

Part of the sentence handed out by the judge can include participating in programs such as “Adopt-A-Highway,” which allows the participant to partake in something that gives back to the community, but is also rewarding for the individual by being a positive contributor to the community.

The program is partnering with businesses in the community for a “Healthy Hobbies” rewards program, but would also like to partner with area employers to give program participants the chance and the flexibility to maintain their program requirements while being gainfully employed in the community. “Many of the participants have driving restrictions and it is hard for them to find employment,” said Runge. “The businesses we have partnered with have found it to be worth it.” She continued, “We are thankful for those employers who are working with the participants to allow for that. Thus far, our participants have had to find workable employment mostly on their own.”

While there is an 84% graduation rate with the program, the team knows that breaking a drug or alcohol addiction doesn’t happen “cold turkey.”  “We recognize that mistakes will be made,” stated Judge Bult. “There is tolerance if someone falls off. We are looking for continued progress.”

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Marquette County

In 2011, excessive alcohol consumption in Marquette County cost $17.7 million and contributed to at least 154 alcohol-related hospitalizations. View the full report.


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